One Board Media is a Polish media company which create news and entertainment websites. The media is our passion so we make such websites that we are proud of and we present such issues that we would like to read ourselves. We run an editor’s office on the Internet where we provide our own press material and valuable issues te meet the needs of our readers.

Thematic websites

Our company is developing dynamically and its portfolio is widened gradually by adding further new websites regarding sport, motorization, technology and entertainment.

At the moment in our portfolio there are two websites – „Przekrój Finansowy” and „Przekrój Sportowy”

Przekró is an internet business portal which focuses on the most important information and comments regarding economy, financial markets, low or real estates. Every day the most interesting issues based on the Polish part of Internet, are publised on our pages. We help to understand current trends in economy as well as all processes and mechanics rulling the present financial market.

Przekró presents the newest infomation and interesting facts regarding sport, but in different light. The most important sport news, opinions, feature articles, statistics, interesting facts – all of that you can find on pages of Przekrój Sportowy.